Les Essentiels de Crescendo Baby Music

When children sing or listen to music, when they move or clap or dance to it, they immerse themselves in the experience. They listen closely to learn new lyrics and rhymes.

What music and movement activities are appropriate for toddlers and preschool children? This article offers practical ideas and useful Websites…

The presence of music in young children’s lives can sometimes be taken for granted. In most early childhood classrooms, teachers and children sing a song …

Early childhood – the time from birth to five – is a remarkable period in human development. Children’s brains, bodies, and abilities grow more rapidly than at any other time.

When adults talk to a baby, they make music – they make their voices lilt up and down in a sing-song way, and find short phrases to say in a rhythmic way. Hello baby! Aren’t you beautiful?

For very young children, music has power and meaning that go beyond words. Sharing music with young children is simply one more way to give love and receive love.

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